I am an affiliate marketer for Dick Blick and Utrecht art suppliers, meaning I earn a commission every time you make a purchase through them using the links on this page. I recommend both brands very highly, as I explain below. Income like this will sustain me through my most inventive endeavors. Please use these links if you’re looking to stock up! Thank you for your help.


Dick Blick: I shop at their local Salt Lake city branch regularly, so I have no problem promoting their products. Blick offers just about everything you could need as an artist, from archival sleeves for prints and quality archival frames, to a multitude of paints and drawing supplies. Whether online or in-store, their customer service and products do not disappoint.

I recommend two paint brands in particular (both available at Dick Blick): Maimeri and Daniel Smith.

I discovered Maimeri paints while studying at the Siena School for Liberal Arts in Siena, Italy. The painting studio at the school used their paints exclusively. I have been using them ever since. I recommend buying their Classico series of oil paints. Made the traditional way, these paints are pigment and oil alone. No fillers, waxes, or thickeners of any kind are added. And Although the Classico series is Maimeri’s economic line of products, they work incredibly. In three years, I have not produced a single oil painting without them. Three colors in particular can be found in nearly every one of my paintings: Pozzuoli Earth, Sky Blue, and Indian Yellow. If you’re looking to spend a little more, Maimeri’s Puro and Artisti lines of oil paints are superior still.

Daniel Smith offers some of the most interesting colors on the market. Some of my favorite pigments are available only through them. All of their paints are handmade using the best quality pigments. Their cadmium colors are the best I know of, as well as their variety of natural earth tones and transparent oil paints. Hematite Genuine oil paint is one of my most frequently used paints. As well as Bloodstone Genuine, Cascade Green, and all of the Perelyne colors in watercolor.

Utrecht: I have been using Utrecht Gesso to prime my canvases since high school. For thin undercoats, I use their economic Studio Series Acrylic Gesso. It dries quickly and is very absorbent. For topcoats, or impasto techniques, their Professional Heavy Bodied Acrylic Gesso is the best. This gesso is very thick and can act as a primer, glue, or texture in your work. For my series, Frightened of the Surface, I used Utrecht professional gesso to attach rocks to the surface of my canvases.